cell pin samsung 18650-20R-2000mah
cell pin samsung 18650-20R-2000mah

Cell pin Samsung INR 18650-20R 2000mAh

Cell pin Samsung INR 18650-20R 2000mAh.



Product Description

Cell pin Samsung INR 18650-20R 2000mAh.

Bán buôn,bán lẻ các loại cell pin Lion các hãng samsung, sanyo, LG, sony… Các loại pin Lion 18650 dung lượng từ 2000ma trở lên.

Cell pin samsung 18650-20R-2000mah

Cell pin samsung 18650-20R-2000mah

Model Name INR18650 20R battery
2 Nominal Discharge Capacity 2000mAh  Charge:1A ,4.2V 100mA cut off,                      Discharge: 0.2C 2.5V discharge cut off
3 Nominal Voltage 3.6V
4 Standard charge 1A  4.20 ±0.05V
5 Rapid Charge 4A 4.20 ±0.05V
6 Charging time Standard charge:180min/100mA cut-off    Rapid charge:50min/100mA cut off
7 Continuous discharge Max :20A
Continuous :10A
8 Cut off voltage 2.5V
9 Weight 50g
10 Usage Ecig mod/Flashlight/Ebike/Battery pack
11 Cell dimension Heigh: 64.85 ±0.15mm                           Diameter: 18.33 ±0.07mm
12 Operating temperature Charge:0 to 50 ℃
13 Discharge: -20 to 75 ℃
14 Storage Temperature 1 year : -20~25℃(1*)
3 months : -20~45℃(1*)
1 month : -20~50℃(1*)
15 Battery Advantage 1, High energy density
2, High working voltage for single battery cells
3, Pollution-free
4, Long cycle life
5, No memory effect
6, Capacity, resistance, Voltage, platform time consistency is good
7, With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable
8, Factory price& High quality
9, Good consistency, low self discharge
10, Light weight, small size
16 Warning DO NOT throw into fire or incinerate.
DO NOT puncture,damage,and disassemble.
DO NOT mix fresh batteries with used batteries.

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