Polymer Li-Ion Battery 7.4v 6.4Ah 40A
Polymer Li-Ion Battery 7.4v 6.4Ah 40APolymer Li-Ion Battery 7.4v 6.4Ah 40A

Cell pin Lithium Polymer : 7.4V-6.4Ah-47.36Wh-40A


Product Description

Cell pin Lithium Polymer Polymer Li-Ion Battery: 7.4v 6.4Ah 40A Discharge Rate (47.36Wh, w/o PCB) for DIY RC Car (3.84)

Chuyên bán buôn, bán lẻ các loại pin Lithium Polymer.

Polymer Li-Ion Battery 7.4v 6.4Ah 40A

Polymer Li-Ion Battery 7.4v 6.4Ah 40A

*Important Shipping Regulation This pack is for testing (prototype) only. It has not been UN38.3 tested yet. Read more…
Voltage       7.4v (working)   8.4 V ( peak)    5.5 V ( cut-off)
Capacity       6.4 Ah   (47.36 wh)
Max. Discharging Rate        40  Amp
Dimensions (LxWxH)        169mm(6.6″) x 50mm(2.0″) x 20mm(0.7″)
Weight        9.0Oz (225 grams)
Smart Tips
  • Superior Battery Power and Battery Strength makes your RC car or Aircraft a true champion
  • The polymer battery is excellent for ebike , RC robot and other high drain DC device up to 40A
  • This Li-polymer battery pack has no PCB or PCM installed, must be charged by Intelligent Balance charger.  
  • Never discharge the battery pack below 5.0V(2.5V/cell).  
  • Always charging the battery immediately after use. We are not responsible for any damage caused by miss-use.


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